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I'm not very good with computers, how easy is it to use your system, etc?

Our System has been trialed with many test groups of all ages, to ensure that it's both simple to use and a very quick process. As you have found this site, you already have the skills required to sign-up and use our system!

We have also included clear instructions within your account to help. As our tag line says, it's as easy as 1 2 3.

Prescription Information

What is an NHS prescription?

An NHS prescription is an order from a practitioner i.e. a doctor for the preparation and administration of a drug or device for a patient. Each item on your prescription may cost you a set fee of £7.40 unless you have an exemption or hold a pre-payment certificate.

Who is entitled to an Exemption?

There are number of different categories which entitles patients to receive free prescriptions. These categories can be found on the back of your prescription.

What is a Repeat Prescription?

This is a prescription for a regularly needed medicine that has been prescribed before and can be renewed without the doctor having to see you. These are for long-term medical conditions, although the doctor will want to see you from time to time for a regular review of your medicines.

What are acute prescriptions?

These are one off prescriptions which are issued by the doctor to treat short term conditions. i.e. a course of antibiotics for an infection or painkillers for an injury.

How do I pay for my prescriptions?

When an order has been placed, if you don't have a valid exemption and your order is being delivered, you will be contacted via telephone to make payment for your items. If you're collecting from one of our stores, you can pay on collection.

Repeat Prescriptions

Who can use the Repeat Prescription Service?

Our repeat prescription service is open to anyone that receives regular repeat medication. These are items that can be found on your repeat request slip issued to you by the doctor. Any other items requested are likely to be refused by the surgery without the doctor seeing you first.

How do I signup to your Repeat Prescription Service?

This is an incredibly fast and simple process, click on the Sign Up Button at the top or bottom of any page on this site. Then fill in the information we have requested. All information is required to ensure we are able to request your medicines and collect them from your surgery.

How will I know when you need to see the doctor?

Quite often the surgery will give you a reminder of when you need to see the doctor upon collecting your prescription. We’ll take care of this for you, if a doctor’s note or appointment request is received by us when we collect your medication, we will pass this to you when you receive your medication, ensuring you are kept completely informed.

How will I know when I can collect my medication from a Hayden’s Pharmacy?

We ask that you allow 5 days from ordering your medication before collecting it from your selected pharmacy. This allows us time to deal with any issues that may arise, and ensure everything is ready when you come to collect. You are then free to decide when to collect your medication.

What if I need my medication sooner than 5 days?

If you are running very low on your medication and are unable to wait the full 5 days, you can contact your regular Hayden’s Pharmacy directly, they will endeavor to obtain your prescription for you sooner.

If you are a delivery customer, please call 123 Repeats directly on 01502 524156, in these emergencies we will try to obtain and deliver your medicine sooner.

Ordering Process Information

Am I able to return my prescription medicines for a refund?

Once dispatched for delivery or collected in store, we will not be able to offer any refunds on prescription medicines.

Is my prescription and personal information safe?

We will only ask you for information that is essential to enable us to dispense your prescription for you. The prescription details you enter are stored securely on our system and can only be viewed by Hayden Chemists staff and will not be visible to anyone else. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Complaints Procedure

Everyone at 123 Repeats strives to bring our customers the very best in care and service at all times. If we fail to reach these standards and you are unhappy with our service, we urge you to speak to a member of our pharmacy team, either at the branch you collect your medicines from, or for delivery patients. All pharmacy contact details can be found on our Contact Page or:

• By Telephoning 123 Repeats on 01502 524156
• By Email to info@123repeats.co.uk
• By Writing your complaint to:

123 Repeats Customer Care, Hayden House, Bridge Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 3LL

Prescription Quantities

• It is very important that the quantities you are requesting match the quantities on your repeat prescription.
• For tablets or capsules, enter the number of tablets on your prescription.
• For Liquids, enter milliliters (ml) if the item is for example 100ml enter 100 as the quantity.
• For Items measured in weight, enter the number of grams (g) for example

if you needed an item which was 100g you would enter 100.

How will I know my medicine is ready?

You will receive an email when the order has been placed, and the prescription will be sent to the relevant Hayden Pharmacy to be processed ready for collection or Delivery. If you have opted to collect you prescription from a pharmacy, it will be ready within 5 working days.

How can I change my order once I have placed it online?

If you need to make a change to your request please contact 123 Repeats on 01502 524156. We aim to get any ordered repeats into the surgery as quickly as possible, if you need to add another medication to your order 24 hours+ after your previous submission, please use your online account to place a seperate request.

What if my medicines change?

This is not a problem as you have full access to your account and can maintain them by adding new repeat medicines and deleting old ones. You can then simply request what you need when you need it.

Delivery Information

How will my medicines be delivered?

All of our deliveries are carried out by our own staff so we maintain your confidentiality every step of the way.

Can you deliver my medicines to my workplace?

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver to places of work due to security and confidentiality concerns.

Do I have to be in for the delivery?

The 'Pharmaceutical Professional Guidance' requires that someone over the age of 18 years can accept the delivery of your prescription. If you are not in when the delivery is made, then a card will be put through your door with details of where to go for collection.

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